London Fields Primary School

Statutory Information

Mission Statement

We believe that our core purpose as a school is not only to help your children succeed academically but also to teach them about the wider world and their role in the future. We want children to leave London Fields knowing that they can contribute to making the world they belong to better.

In order to do that, we want them to feel well and think well. So we have summarised our vision in this simple concept.  

Sitting behind the question, ‘Can my mind think well?’ is all the of the work we do on how to learn effectively, how to solve problems, how to relate new learning to what you already know as well as the knowledge and understanding the children learn in their various topics and subjects.


‘Can my mind feel well?’ addresses the well-being agenda. In this area we work with children on their mental well-being, emotional literacy and language, self-esteem and self-worth and helping them to feel positive and self-aware. All of which is crucial to both academic success and happy and connected lives. 




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