School Council 2021-22

London Fields School Council is made up of representatives from Year 1 to Year 6.  Two children represent their year group, forming a council of 12 children plus a member of the Senior Leadership Team, Catherine Cardy, to coordinate meetings.  The School Council meet every Tuesday afternoon at 3.00pm.

The School Council’s main purpose is to provide pupil voice across the school.  In previous years, the School Council has worked alongside the schools leadership team in supporting aspects of the School Development Plan.  For example, Oracy was high on the agenda on the School Development Plan in previous years and the School Council was instrumental in ensuring Pupil Voice across the school.

The School Council has also helped to organise and run Big Me, a charity day which raises money for Action Aid and to coordinate other whole school events such as the annual NSPCC Number Day and World Book Day.

The School Council is keen to ensure that Sustainability is high on the agenda and is constantly working to develop the playground and dinner hall.

This Year the School Council are looking forward to working with the Equality and Diversity Group.