School Meals


At London Fields we work closely with the catering company Ashlyns to further improve catering at the school. This includes an increased commitment to  providing school meals which are cooked using fresh local ingredients, prepared by a confident well motivated catering team and a desire for children to gain an understanding of where their food has come from and how it was produced. To obtain more information about Ashlyns click here.  

All meat is Farm Assured and is locally sourced. Our fish is Marine Stewardship Council approved. All meat is halal.


Early Years menu (Class based) - click here 

Packed Lunch (Class based) - click here

School meals (Dinner hall) - click here




Lunch Rota

Reception will have a class based hot meal every day

Year 1 and Year 2 will also have a hot meal every day served in the dining hall.

KS2 meals will be alternated between school meals in the dining hall and packed lunches that will be class based.

Please see the timetable below for weekly rotation:


Summer 1

    Week beginning     Packed lunch menu      School meal menu

 7th June 2021             Year 4 and 6                  Year 3 and 5

14th June 2021             Year 3 and 5                  Year 4 and 6

 21st June 2021            Year 4 and 6                  Year 3 and 5

28th June 2021            Year 3 and 5                  Year 4 and 6

  5th July 2021             Year 4 and 6                  Year 3 and 5

     12th July 2021             Year 3 and 5                   Year 4 and 6