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 Peter and the Wolf performed by Year 3

This week has been Year 3's music week! We  created compositions to accompany the start of the story 'Peter and the Wolf' written by Prokofiev. 

We discussed how we can use music to show a gentle breeze, leaves rustling, the sun shining, clouds drifting and other sounds in the story. We discussed what they might sound like and whether we should have a variety of  hitting/shaking/scraping and tuned percussion instruments. 

We then discussed how to put all sounds together to make one composition! What do you think of our final performance?

Year 3 tour the world!

In Geography this term, we have been learning that geographers have used imaginary lines as a technique to help them divide the Earth into sections, so they can more easily describe locations. We used our knowledge of the eight point compass and imaginary lines to describe the locations of countries all over the world. Challenge us to locate a country for you! 

We became geography teachers to teach Y2 pupils how to describe where places are and made some videos to help them learn. Have a look at the video below and see what you can learn!

Year 3 code Probots!

This term in Computing we explored and learnt about how probots work. We then were given  a scenario in which the probot needed to pause.  (For example, draw a route where the probot must drive to a T-junction, pause for 4 seconds, then turn right and drive on)  Using the floor mats, we created a challenge which involved the probot driving a route, pausing for a certain amount of seconds, then driving on. We even drew shapes and the letters of our names using the probots. Here are some videos of our probots in action during our final lesson. The probots had to tour the British Isles or a theme park without us touching them once!