London Fields Primary School

Physical Education

PE at London Fields

At London Fields we have made the PE curriculum as varied as possible so that all children experience a range of sports and physical skills. Every term or half term the focus of PE is different allowing children to succeed and excel in competitive sport and other physically-demanding activities. Throughout the PE curriculum at London Fields, children will learn and develop important physical skills, such as hand-eye coordination, body movement control, handling and controlling different sporting equipment, team work and fair play.  The PE curriculum has been carefully planned specifically to each year group so that, as the children move through the school, their skills are extended and developed.

While learning essential physical skills, children are also gaining valuable experience in team work and fair play. Children learn the importance of working as part of a successful team through a variety of team activities. Throughout the curriculum children are given opportunities to work in partners, small groups and as a whole class, all working towards a common goal of success.  Children are also taught explicitly about fair play and the importance of being a good sportsperson within a competition.

What other PE experiences do the children receive?

Throughout the year workshops and trips are also organised for each year group to further broaden the children’s experiences. Activities range from wheelchair basketball and archery to Personal Best and dance. In addition, during summer term there is also a Healthy Living Week in which children will complete focussed work on aspects of healthy living as well as taking part in a workshop.

Throughout the year London Fields takes part in competition and sports matches that happen off site. Children are mainly chosen for these event because they belong to one of our after school clubs for that particular sport. Sometimes children might also be chosen to participate in a competition because they have shown enthusiasm for a particular sport in their PE lesson. These experiences enhance the importance of team work, good sportsmanship and fair play. As well as inter-school competitions, we regularly take part in intra-school competitions. These go towards our School Games Mark. 

How is P.E. funding spent?

Each year the P.E funding is carefully allocated to the following areas: sports workshops and trips, equipment, teacher CPD and after school clubs. For more information, please check the P.E funding document here.

What sports clubs are available at London Fields?

London Fields offer a wide range of sports clubs to which any child can join. We think it is important that children are as active as possible and we encourage all children to participate in extra-curricular sports. Visit our clubs page to find out more.


What swimming provision is there at London Fields?

Year 5 go swimming throughout the academic year. They are taught at Kings Hall swimming pool and the lessons are differentiated to suit all levels. Beginners are taught basic skills and by the end of the year should be able to swim a width of the pool successfully. Children who already have some swimming ability are given the opportunity to increase their knowledge and skills by practising different strokes and skills such as treading water and picking up objects from the bottom of the pool.


Our PE Vocabulary

At London Fields, we know that a good understanding of a wide range of vocabulary supports success across the whole national curriculum. We have identified ‘core’ words that the children will meet in different subjects and in different topics. These words will be revisited and taught in different contexts so that the children develop a deep understanding of their meaning and they become tools with which children can access the knowledge, skills and understanding the curriculum demands.  Obviously, these are not the only words we will teach. But they will form a backbone through our curriculum to help to scaffold and develop the children’s learning.