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  • We had a great first day back at forest school!
  • Today we demonstrated our plans for the future by dressing up as 'Big Me'. We represented a huge range of careers from Doctors and Vets, to Pilots and Footballers, Builders and Fashion Designers and a LOT of teachers!
  • Early Years display in our Wellbeing gallery
  • EYFS enjoyed their first day at Forest School last Friday and we can’t wait to go back today!
  • The children made Diwali lights in EYFS this week and learned all about the celebration.
  • Drag Queen Story Time allows children to imagine the world in which people can present as they wish. Where dress up is real! They work towards creating a more diverse accepting world through story.
  • Song of the week!
  • Construction during choosing time.
  • Early Years have been making and sharing books.
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