London Fields Primary School

About EYFS


Welcome to the Early Years section of our school website. Here you will find information about how we organise teaching and learning in Early Years at London Fields. This page gives you a general overview and then each tab  will take you to a different section and give you more details on that area.


EYFS organisation at London Fields

We have two Reception classes of 30 pupils in each and one Nursery class of 32 pupils. The children are in their class groups at their morning greeting, lunchtime preparation and home time dismissal. The rest of the day the children mix across all classes. Through this they have access to all three classrooms and both outdoor areas, the garden and the big playground.  The children’s day has a solid structure which is carefully planned to allow for extended choosing times in the morning and afternoon with carpet sessions at either side of these. The choosing sessions are allocated in the morning to ensure all the children access all the areas over the week and are 'unallocated' in the afternoon so that the children can return to preferred activities and repeat experiences. The carpet sessions are in taught in groups according to the children’s current needs, meaning that again there is a mix of children from all classes. These groups are fluid and are reviewed each half term. During these carpet sessions the children learn Literacy, Maths, singing, phonics and to regulate their emotions. Autumn Term 1 is focused on settling the children so that they are ready for our full timetable from Autumn 2 onwards.

Staff Team

 Atinuke Class:

  • Gillian Costello
  • Natalie Szent-Kirallyi
  • Mirjam Vollman


Harrison Class:

  • Elizabeth Jones
  • Naz Ahkrif
  • Kasia Gallewicz


Cooke Class:

  • Alice Jenner
  • Gulhan Kaya
  • Maddie Flynn


EYFS lead

  • Frankie Martin


  • Christina Long