About the EYFS at London Fields Primary


About EYFS

Welcome to the Early Years section of our school website. Here you will find information about how we organise the classrooms and teaching and learning in Early Years at London Fields. 

We have one Nursery Class and two Reception classes. 


Our Nursery is made up of (approximately) 26 full time places and 8 part time places (mornings or afternoons). Our spacious Nursery area has its own toilets, kitchen and gated outdoor garden. The garden comprises of a mud kitchen, water area and climbing wall, as well as many other resources that are timetabled throughout the year. The Nursery children also have access to the bigger playground (used by Reception). In this larger space, children enjoy using the bikes and scooters and having their own ‘running lane’.  Later in the year, Nursery children also enjoy timetabled slots on the climbing frame on the Westgate Street playground.



Our two Reception classes are made up of 30 children each. The classrooms are next to each other with direct access to the playground. Children access both classrooms and the outdoor area throughout the day during continuous provision. The large outdoor area comprises of a mud kitchen, water area and construction area. Children have access to bikes and scooters. Large gazebos offer shelter from the sun in the Summer Term. We also have an outdoor reading area to promote reading for pleasure. Children use the Nursery toilets and also the toilets in the main building. 

In Nursery, lunch is served in the classroom where there is a family service (choice of school or packed lunch). In Reception, children eat in a small, Reception only dinner hall space and are served by the Reception staff. 

Children (and parents/carers) are greeted at the classroom door and are dismissed similarly at the end of the day. Entry for all EYFS pupils is via the Sheep Lane gate.