London Fields Primary School

Other Clubs



We have a range of after school clubs available. some are run by school staff and others by external organisations. Please see the office for more information and to put your child's name on the waiting list. 

Day Club Cost (weekly) Who for?
Monday Gymnastics* £3.50 KS1
  Art Club* £6 KS2
  Dodgeball* £6 KS1
Tuesday Tennis* £6 KS1
  Football* £3.50 Year 1-3
Art Club* £6 TBC
Wednesday Dodgeball* £6 KS2
  Spanish £5 Year 2+3
  Choir Free KS2
Thursday Handball £2 KS2
Cooking £3 Year 5
Friday Football* £3.50 Year 4-6
  Art Club* £6 KS1
Spanish £6 Year 1
Dance £2 KS2


Breakfast club and after school club are run by School Friends Club. Click here to find out more information


Procedure for clubs sign up

Letters and texts to parents go out in the first week in September for sign up to clubs. This may be repeated in subsequent terms if there aren’t enough children on the waiting list. Each letter has clear instructions on how to sign up and as some clubs are provided by external providers we have to follow their sign up procedures. There are links on the website for external providers who have electronic sign ups. Parents have rung to ask for places but also always have then brought in the paper application form. Before the end of each full term letters/texts go home notifying parents of the end of their session and also to parents of the new pupils informing their starting clubs. 

*Clubs which rotate termly

 Waiting Lists

Waiting lists for clubs are not rolled forward to new academic years other than for Spanish which is provided by an external provider who follow their own procedures.  Waiting lists for music tuition do roll over but this is not an after school club. If you would like to know more about a waiting list for a specific club, please do feel free to ring the office to ask. If someone drops out of a club, the office will then notify the next person on the list.


Club cancellations

If the people running the club are ill we contact you as soon as possible.