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  • Year One join EYFS for fun in the Forest!
    As part of the Year One Science Curriculum, Year One classes as spending alternate Fridays at Forest School learning all about how plants grow.
  • Forest school fun!
    We had a great first day back at forest school!
  • Big Me day 2019!
    Today we demonstrated our plans for the future by dressing up as 'Big Me'. We represented a huge range of careers from Doctors and Vets, to Pilots and Footballers, Builders and Fashion Designers and a LOT of teachers!
  • Forest School
    EYFS enjoyed their first day at Forest School last Friday and we can’t wait to go back today!
  • Happy at school
    Early Years display in our Wellbeing gallery
  • S.O.W
    Song of the week!
  • Drag queen story time in Nursery
    Drag Queen Story Time allows children to imagine the world in which people can present as they wish. Where dress up is real! They work towards creating a more diverse accepting world through story.
  • Diwali Lights
    The children made Diwali lights in EYFS this week and learned all about the celebration.
  • Publishing
    Early Years have been making and sharing books.
  • Marvellous Mobilo
    Construction during choosing time.
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