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  • What is Fair Trade?
    As part of our Year Six Geography lessons, we've been learning about Fair Trade.
  • Big Me day 2019!
    Today we demonstrated our plans for the future by dressing up as 'Big Me'. We represented a huge range of careers from Doctors and Vets, to Pilots and Footballers, Builders and Fashion Designers and a LOT of teachers!
  • Investigating Places
    As part of our art learning this week we have found out more about India- a country in the continent of Asia.
  • Weather presenters of the future
    Year One loved being weather presenters to show off their geography knowledge.
  • Year One Geography
    Year One has been learning about 'our place in the world.'
  • What's Inside a Volcano?
    We've been learning Geography in Year Four.
  • Our River Models
    In Geography, Year Five have been learning about rivers.