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  • Work Week Projects
    Year 4 have become chocolatiers!
  • FOLF Thank you!
    The grand total raised from all our amazing volunteers time and effort is £4,364! Plus, £350 charity donation from the toy stall to 'Save the Children' and 'Street Child'.
  • Give Help. Donate Food
    Our Hackney foodbank relies heavily on your goodwill and support so please donate food to us if you can.
  • Be Bright, Stay in Sight
  • Road Safety Competition!
    The JRSOs need your help!
  • 90kg Rice Challenge Completed!
    Thank you to everyone for all your support!
  • Stolen bike alert - Parents
    Another parent this morning has unfortunately reported a bike stolen on drop off. Bikes are frequently stolen in this area. Please ensure (even if the visit is for a few seconds/minutes) that the bike is secured with a suitable lock. 
  • Big Me day 2019!
    Today we demonstrated our plans for the future by dressing up as 'Big Me'. We represented a huge range of careers from Doctors and Vets, to Pilots and Footballers, Builders and Fashion Designers and a LOT of teachers!
  • Raising Money For Children In Need
    Thank you to everyone who contributed today. As a school team we have raised lots of money (still to be totalled!).
  • Christmas Trees!
    This year, FoLF is offering you the opportunity to order a Christmas tree from the school.
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