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19 March 2020 (by Helen Fitzpatrick (admin))

Please see the following message from the Speech and Language therapy team.

Message from Speech and Language Therapy Team

Due to the Corona Virus and the need to reduce the risk of spreading the virus, Homerton NHS teams, including the Speech and Language Therapy team will not be working with children/young people face to face unless the need is clinically urgent.


The Speech and Language Therapists will continue to work off-site. We will update our website with ideas of ways to support your child’s language development at home during this time, and links to other useful information - https://gethackneytalking.co.uk We are aware that this can be a difficult time for children and young people, and you will find some resources on the website that will support their understanding of the current situation.


All children or young people with a swallowing difficulty should have a mealtime plan in place. Please continue to follow this at school / home. If there are any changes in your child’s eating/drinking and/or you are concerned, please call 020 7683 4262.


If you have questions, or would like to discuss this further, please speak to your link therapist or Area Lead therapist (clare.wilson@learningtrust.co.uk or 07795 641145) in the first instance.


If you are not able to contact them, you can contact us via admin on:

Email: huh-tr.sltinfo@nhs.net

Tel: 020 7683 4262


Thank you for your understanding at this time