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Rabbi visits Year One

26 February 2020 (by Catherine Cardy (ccardy))

Year One are learning about Special Books as part of their Religious Education curriculum this week. Children have been bringing books into school that are special to them.

Yesterday afternoon we were lucky enough to have a local Rabbi visit to talk to the children about the Torah.  Roni is a rabbi at a synagogue in Stoke Newington (where a pupil in Riley Class attends). Roni spoke to the children about the Torah why it is special and how it is kept, looked after. He brought in some different special books to show and share with the children: A Talmud and the scroll with the book of Esther written on it. Roni read out a short extract in Hebrew from the book of Esther and the Torah. 

Thank you for visiting our school Roni and for enhancing the children's learning during RE week.