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Diwali Lights

18 October 2019 (by Elizabeth Jones (ejones))

The children made Diwali lights in EYFS this week and learned all about the celebration.

This week, the children learnt about Diwali. They talked about festivities in their own homes such as Christmas, Eid, birthdays and other parties, and showed great interest in each other’s customs and ways of life. They learned about cultural similarities and differences.

The children enjoyed the story of Rama and Sita and talked about similar stories they knew. Frank was familiar with Ganesh and how he came to have an elephant’s head, Cosmo said it sounded much like the stories from Ancient Greece, and Abu told the others about stories in the Quran.

The children used paint markers to decorate their own Diwali lights and tasted Indian sweets such as jalebi, barfi and peda. And everybody loved wearing their bindis!