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National Poetry Day

8 October 2019 (by cgallagher)

On October 3rd, year 3 celebrated National Poetry day by reading, performing and writing poetry!

The focus for this year's National Poetry Day was 'Truth'. 

In Ms Gallagher's class, our focus was 'Truth vs. Fake News' so we created poems based on news stories that seemed unreal! First we had a game of poetry relay to  get our creative ideas flowing. Then we picked a headline and wrote a short poem about it. Finally we tried performing them to the class!

Here is one of our poems:

Castle Under Attack from Pigeons

Staring eagerly. Waiting, waiting, waiting

Wondering when it's time

Stalking the block

 More and more, every second claws eager to scratch

Suddenly... CRASH! BANG! WALLOP!

The king of all pigeons arrive.

"Now!" he bellows swooping down at the guards 

Finally, they found what the needed so much

a bin

with the finest trash in all of Scotland! 

In Ms Tejero's Literacy group we read and discussed 'Fair Play' by Benjamin Zephaniah. We then learnt it and performed it to the class. Then we came up with our own poems… There is truth in what I say. We wrote our own poems including 4 facts that were true and 1 that wasn’t about school. We also performed them in front of the class.

Year 3 had a great time exploring poetry!