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Year 6 investigate gender equality

6 November 2021 (by abentley)

Year 6 have spent this week interrogating the world around them for signs of gender equality or inequality.

Over the course of this week, Year 6 have investigated the ways in which gender stereotypes can be reinforced by the marketing of toys, the marketing of clothes and even by the books we read. We then investigated some amazing people who had been hugely successful in fields that are generally dominated by the opposite gender. For example, Dr Anne-Marie Imafidon and Eric Underwood. On Friday, we were even lucky enough to meet Aleisia Ebrahimi, who is a human rights lawyer, to talk about the impact that gender inequality can have on people's human rights. Finally, we got to design a piece of clothing and chose how to advertise it in a way that doesn't resort to gender stereotyping.