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Make, Break, Evaluate, Repeat!

18 June 2021 (by Max Lawson (mlawson))

Year 6 recently had their DT week.

In Y6 we developed our knowledge of mechanisms - focusing on pulleys. We looked at a range of pulley systems and made models of products that use a pulley system to change the direction of force needed. We behaved like designers and took inspiration from existing products in order to meet the design brief, and make an aerial tramway (cable car). As a class we wrote a design criteria.

My Aerial Tramway had to have:

- A smooth working pulley system so the gondolas can move easily

- A secure and sturdy frame to support the pulley system

- A unique style so it is interesting to look at.

- Features which allow for a memorable journey up the mountain- large glass windows and comfortable seating inside the gondola.

Before committing to the final version, we made prototypes of parts of the design.