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Year 3 have been coding Probots!

7 October 2020 (by abentley)

This term in Computing, Year 3 have been learning about probots. We had to program the probot to move around the mats (changing direction and pausing at junctions) without us touching them once!

We explored and learnt how probots work. We then were given  a scenario in which the probot needed to pause.  (For example, draw a route where the probot must drive to a T-junction, pause for 4 seconds, then turn right and drive on)  Using the floor mats, we created a challenge which involved the probot driving a route, pausing for a certain amount of seconds, then driving on. We even drew shapes and the letters of our names using the probots!

Have a look at the videos attached to see our probots in action in our final challenge; touring the British Isles!

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