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Drop off and Pick up Y1-6

7 September 2020 (by Helen Fitzpatrick (admin))

It has been lovely to have the children back in school today. We would remind you of the staggered drop off and pick up times that are in place to help with social distancing.

This morning many parents came at the wrong times to Westgate Street playground. Year 1 and 2 children need to arrive at 8.45am with one adult only. Y3 and 4 children should NOT come before 9am, again with only one adult. Y5 and 6 children start at 9.15am. 
We appreciate this is tricky if you have children in more than one year group but we need to stagger the whole day so that breaks and lunches and hometime can be accommodated. 
Please do not linger at the gates or come early to wait as this morning the pavement became very crowded and so not only hard for passers-by but also went against the ethos of what we are trying to achieve. 
Collection times are staggered too:
Y1 and 2 at 3pm (one adult only)
Y3 and 4 at 3.15pm (one adult only)
Y5 and 6 at 3.30pm (one adult only when relevant)
Thank you for your cooperation.