London Fields Primary School

Whole School Art Project May 2020


We are very excited to be doing a whole-school art project, even though we are not at school at the moment!

Hopefully you have seen in your online work packs what you need to do for your art project. We are looking forward to seeing your work so please remember to send photos of your work or write a message about your learning to your year group email.

We hope you enjoy learning about Antony Gormley and his artwork involving lots and lots and lots of abstract figures! Gormley had a strong message attached to his artwork and that has inspired us to make our own piece of art, with our own message.

As part of the art project, we thought it would be fun to recreate Gormley's abstract figures by asking you and your family to make a figure! Your figures will all come together and tell viewers of the gallery that 'Although we are apart, one happy day we will be together again'. It will be so lovely to have us all together again!

We will put the exhibition online for you all to see and if you are passing London Fields from Wednesday of the last week of half term during your daily exercise/ on your way to the shops, you will be able to see it by the front entrance.

Above is a video to show you Mrs Gillard and her family having a go at making their figures!

Click here to download the information about Anthony Gormley and the project.