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London Fields
Primary School


Spanish at London Fields

As of September 2014 it is compulsory for schools to teach a modern foreign language in Key Stage 2. As a borough, Hackney has decided to teach Spanish in all primary and secondary schools. At London Fields we have made a commitment to formally teaching Spanish from Year 3 - 6.

Class teachers teach their own classes to create an environment of shared learning and support.

How is Spanish taught?

In Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1, Spanish is not compulsory, however, we wish to engage our younger pupils in language learning as soon as possible. Pupils will learn some simple classroom instructions and basic phrases through assemblies and daily activities led by their class teacher. There will be opportunities for pupils to take part in whole school language events, and there is a Spanish after school club for Reception to Year 2 for budding linguists.

In Key Stage 2 language learning seeks to incorporate lots of games and activities so that there is an interactive and fun aspect, but with greater depth and detail about the Spanish language and Spanish cultures. Spanish is taught once a week, for one hour. These lessons comprise singing and games, as well as a higher rate of new vocabulary and phrases, as well as the introduction of familiar Spanish words and phrases to read and write. 


Spanish is formally assessed by class teachers and the subject coordinator twice during the school year. The rest of the time, teachers will keep notes on pupils who are showing an aptitude for language learning, or parts of the curriculum which need revisiting later.  Pupils will be assessed in their speaking, listening, reading and writing skills in Spanish, according to the expectations of their age group.

Spanish Events

We try to have one or two language based events in the school year. These are days when Spanish takes over, and a real fiesta air permeates the school. If you would like to get involved with any of these events, contact the school and we will gladly oblige.