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London Fields
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Caroline Tyson

ct gov 1Since coming to London Fields, I have seen it progress from being placed in special measures in 2007 to a thriving and successful school. With my staff, I am committed to continuing that never ending journey. We all strive to provide the very best education for all our children by continuously reflecting on and developing our own practice and setting our aspirations and expectations high. I feel our governing body plays a key role in ensuring that we are supported and challenged in this goal.

Katherine Gillard

kb - gov pageHaving trained as a teacher in Nottingham, I have worked in various settings both in England and abroad in Ghana. I have also had experience of working across all primary key stages. I came to London Fields, initially as a Year 5 class teacher, in 2008 as part of the new team that moved the school rapidly out of special measures. I know the dramatic impact that an effective school can have on a child’s life chances and self esteem. As deputy head I remain determined to make London Fields the best school it can be. I see my role as staff governor as key in providing a vital bridge between the staff and the rest of the governing body to ensure that initiatives and developments are communicated clearly and effectively.

Penny Smith

pennyI grew up in Hackney and attended both Primary and Secondary School within the borough. I remain a Hackney resident and I am wholly committed to creating opportunities through highly effective and inclusive education.  I am in tune to the complexities of the borough and believe strongly that Hackney is now in a strong position to meet the needs of a diverse community and strive for excellence. On a personal level, I would like to commit myself as a governor to London Fields Primary School, as I know first-hand the difference an inclusive local school makes to the community and the pupils’ life chances. London Fields has undertaken a remarkable school improvement journey, I would like to commit to a Governing Body that will secure a positive future and build upon this strong foundation.

I have worked in Hackney Schools for 10 years in a variety of roles: class teacher, EYFS leader, Literacy lead, Safeguarding lead, mentor and Deputy Head. In February 2011, I became Head at Whitmore Primary School.  At the time the school was placed on the Governments list of 200 least preforming schools and had been judged by Ofsted as making inadequate progress. By 2013 all areas of the school had been transformed and judged to be outstanding (Ofsted May 2013). I have a high level of expertise in school improvement and determination to continuously move organisations forward. The Governing Body has a critical role in offering both support and challenge. As a Governor at London Fields I would bring both in equal measures; a critical eye that is supportive whilst challenging and ultimately securing the very best outcomes for the children and families.

Ophelia Carter

opheliaI currently hold the post of Head of Schools Finance at Hackney Learning Trust and have done so since 2007. I am responsible for the distribution of the Dedicated Schools Grant (DSG) which is essentially the funding allocated to individual local authorities to provide education services. My team, of 6 Business Managers, provide financial support, through a traded service, to all schools in the Borough of Hackney.  This includes activities such as assistance with setting school budgets, year-end closure, implementation of audit recommendations, training on SIMS (Finance Package),  and attendance of  Governing Body meetings where required.I have recently been involved in the restructure of Governors Services in my capacity as Interim Head of Governors Services.  I share the role with another senior manager, and my duties focus heavily on the operational/administrative side of the service. I have been a governor at Princess May School for 15 years and have found this to be a gratifying experience,  in particular, being a member of a team of people who were involved in the transformation of what was deemed an  ‘inadequate’ school  to one that was judged  ‘good’ after the last OfSted inspection. I am happy to serve on the governing body of London Fields Schools as I am eager to continue developing and strengthening existing skills.  I am happy to positively contribute to the next generation and enjoy interacting with a wide range of people from a variety of social, cultural and religious backgrounds.

Thomas Kibling

thomas kibling pic gov pageAs a barrister I fully understand the complex legal challenges facing the school and can help with meeting those challenges, provide independent advice and to ensure that the school, our children and teachers secure the best resources and services available.  I have an absolute commitment to do what is best for the children attending the school and to ensure proper support to the teaching and other staff. I have lived in Hackney for 32 years and on London Fields for the last 24 years.


Justine Sanders 

justine - gov picHi I’m Justine, mum of 3.  Samuel is 9 & in year 4, Thomas, 7 is year 2. Alice is 2 & is at Ann Tayler nursery.

I grew up in East Sussex next to the sea, & moved to London in 1989 to study.  I had wanted to live in London since I was 9 after a stay with my Auntie for a holiday!

We moved to Hackney in 1999 & have seen the  Borough change hugely in that time.

I work in retail  & have done for years, having fallen into it as a stop gap!  I have worked overseas with franchise partners prior to having a family, the longest I was away was for 6 months when I lived in Taiwan.  I enjoy my job & work with a great team, I have an additional sponsor role in HR. Since having Alice I now work a 4 day week.

When looking around at primary schools we had originally overlooked London Fields as it had been in special measures, we assumed we would be going to the school who’s catchment we were in. Having looked around it we were left feeling ‘cold’.  We viewed London Fields & got the feeling that the school was right for us, their ethos fitted in with ours. There were only 20 kids in that intake of reception & it only went up to 30 in the January!  What a start,11 pupils in Blue class!  How school has changed too!

A few parents used to attend the coffee mornings regularly.  From there we started ‘friends of London Fields primary school’, & a couple of years back we formed a proper PTA.  I am the Secretary of that.

I have volunteered with the school on various levels but probably most enjoyed the Christmas decoration workshops I repeated for a second year with the children from the school council for the Winter Fair.

When the school defederated & the opportunity came up to stand for parent governor, it felt the right next step for me, & I was lucky enough to be voted in!

Masha Guyard

masha gov page picI have been a governor at London Fields for five years and have been proud of the way the school has developed and grown over that time. I am pleased to be a local authority governor and my work with community groups and projects puts me in a good position to keep the school informed of opportunities in the borough. I have three children, two currently at the school, and so keep my ear to the ground on developments in the school. I look forward to working with our new governing body to help the school continue to move forward.