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London Fields
Primary School


We are very proud to have been awarded the Kidscape Bullying Intervention Training (BIT) Certificate. In 2015, London Fields pupils from Years 1-6 took part in a week long anti-bullying training including preventative and remedial strategies to dealing with bullying, self-esteem and conflict resolution workshops, and activities to celebrate our differences. Click here to see some photos of what we got up to. We held another anti-bullying week in Spring 2015 to remind ourselves of all we had learnt and continue to regularly read books that help us to understand bullying.

On ‘Friendship Friday’ (September 2015) we spent a day reminding ourselves what makes a good friend and practising being one. This included writing compliments to each other and doing good deeds. We wore our own clothes and raised money for Kidscape. Click here to see some photos and examples of what we did across the school. 

In Autumn 2015 we participated in the national anti-bullying week (16-20th November) with the theme ‘Make a Noise about Bullying’, learning how to identify and safely report bullying. In KS2, we reminded ourselves of what is cyber-bullying and how to block someone or report it. We thought about the consequences of bullying and what happens to the perpetrators. In KS1, we read books about bullying and discussed the situations and how they could have been better and made posters to against bullying. Click here to see some examples from Year 2.