London Fields Primary School

Festival Songs


These are the songs we learnt last year for the Hackney Music Festival and we will continue to learn and sing these songs this year. When we have our new songs for this year's Festival they will also be added here.

 01 A Ram Sam Sam, Pease Pudding Hot, London Bridge FULL VERSION.mp3Download
 02 My Dog is a Good Dog.mp3Download
 03 Una Artista.mp3Download
 04 The Ants Go Marching.mp3Download
 05 Down at the station.mp3Download
 06 The Big Ship Sails.mp3Download
 07 Twende Twende.mp3Download
 08 The Gruffalo Song.mp3Download
 09 Baby One.mp3Download
 10 Pole Pole.mp3Download
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