Google Classroom


In the event of partial or complete school closure, we will deliver our curriculum through distance learning - providing resources and teaching both electronically and with paper packs for families with limited internet access or who are concerned about limiting screen time.


The main vehicles for on line teaching will be both our website and google classrooms. Children have been taught how to use google classroom in school. Please see below for a reminder about our acceptable use guidelines for pupils as expressed in our Distance Learning Protocol  that pertain specifically to Google Classroom. Please also see our Remote Learning Policy for more information.




Google Classroom

  • When using Google Classroom, the teacher may let pupils comment, or they may have turned comments off
  • If you are allowed to comment you must remember our learning on online behaviour - you are polite and positive and comments should be related to your learning
  • Remember - teachers can see exactly who posts what on Google Classroom
  • If your teacher wants you to create a post, for example taking a picture of your Home Learning Project, they will enable you to create posts for that time
  • If you are posting photos of your learning, please remember to do so safely – remember to always check with your parent/carer before uploading a photo, and try to make sure your photo is of the learning, not the pupil. All pupils must be suitably dressed and in a suitable location


Unacceptable Use

Examples of unacceptable use include, but are not limited to:

  • Creating or sending any messages or comments that might upset other people
  • Using another person’s username and password e.g. to access a device or website
  • Looking at, or changing work that belongs to other people without their permission
  • Wasting time or resources on school computers
  • Sharing pictures or making video calls without checking with your parent/carer


Guides For Pupils and Families

Logging on at home.

Accessing multiple accounts from shared devices

Each year group has been assigned a colour to show you are in the right account. Please see below for each year group's theme.

Once you have logged in successfully at home, you can click here to go straight into Google Classroom from now on.