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Music at London Fields Primary School

London Fields is proud to be a creative school with Artsmark Gold Status, in which the talents of each child are taken into consideration and consistently nurtured as they progress up the school.  We aim to provide children with a range of inclusive opportunities to discover and develop their musical or dramatic competencies, cultivate their cultural understanding and establish the foundations of essential life skills, such as expressing oneself clearly and confidently.   By the time they leave London Fields, children have been equipped with this knowledge and understanding as well as having an appreciation of a breadth of musical forms.


Foundation Stage

In Foundation Stage music and movement is part of every-day learning. The children learn new songs and dances linked to the topics they are learning and over their time in Nursery and Reception build a repertoire of familiar songs and ways of dancing. Additionally, the children are encouraged to explore a range of percussion instruments, both with an adult and independently. By letting children explore how these instruments sound and how to alter the sounds, they are better able to access them in a more formal way in Key Stage 1.

Year 1 

Year 1 follows a curriculum which ties in closely to their topic work.  At this stage, it is important for children to learn to use their voices expressively and creatively, through songs and chants as well as to be able to experiment using both un-tuned and tuned instruments.  In each lesson they are exposed to a range of music from different cultures and eras, giving them the opportunity to listen with concentration and developing their understanding of the musical elements.  As their fine motor skills progress, the number of instruments that children have access to increases.  Please see below for the instrumental progression that we use at London Fields.


Year 2-6

Music is taught by class teachers. Each term children will have the opportunity to develop musical skills featured in the Music curriculum, including listening to and discussing music, composing, performing and learning about the history of Music. Pupils will have access to the schools percussion instruments, and electronic music making on iPads for their compositions and performances. Children will be exposed to musical notation and basic music theory.

At our school we are committed to providing a range of musical experiences for our pupils, alongside the music curriculum. Musicians and music professionals are invited to visit our school throughout the year to further enrich our pupils’ music learning. We have an ongoing partnership with the Worshipful Company of Musicians who visit us termly, as well as working with the London Symphony Orchestra, and other organisations.

Our Music Vocabulary

At London Fields, we know that a good understanding of a wide range of vocabulary supports success across the whole national curriculum. We have identified ‘core’ words that the children will meet in different subjects and in different topics. These words will be revisited and taught in different contexts so that the children develop a deep understanding of their meaning and they become tools with which children can access the knowledge, skills and understanding the curriculum demands.  Obviously, these are not the only words we will teach. But they will form a backbone through our curriculum to help to scaffold and develop the children’s learning.


Music Assemblies

All KS2 pupils participate in weekly music assemblies. The music for the songs we are currently learning is below:

Tue Tue

Let Love Shine Through



Extra-curricular opportunities

Instrumental lessons are currently available as follows.


Year 1 – Year 6


Year 2 – Year 6


Reception – Year 3


Years 4, 5, 6

For more information on music lessons at the school please contact the school office.