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London Fields
Primary School

London Fields hosts Urban Debate League.

London Fields were very proud to host Round 1 of the Urban Debate League.

Having been preparing during weekly Debate Mate clubs, our London Fields debaters from Year 6 and Year 5 were finally ready for their first real debate!  8 schools from across Hackney came to London Fields for the first round of the Urban Debate League.  After the fun and lively warm up in the school hall, the teams had two motions to debate: the first was about whether we should ban zoos and the second was about banning TV for children during the week.  London Fields had 3 teams competing in the competition and altogether won 3 out of the 6 debates which was a huge achievement for their first ever debating competition!  It was a huge learning experience for the competitors and they are now very excited about Round 2 of the Urban Debate League which will be taking place next week! Good luck debaters!  Mrs Smith and Miss Costello.