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  • Probably the best trip ever

    Published 12/07/19, by Stephanie Daley

    Year 5 had an absolute blast on their camping trip! We went to Farham in Hampshire and camped out in tents for one night.

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  • Year 5 go orinteering

    Published 13/05/19, by Stephanie Daley

    Year 5 absolutely loved their orienteering session in London Fields Park today!

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  • Year 5 river models and documentary

    Published 07/05/19, by Nedal Al-Chamaa

    Singh class spent their afternoon designing river models to show how a river forms, why it bends and where it goes. We then put together these short films to help explain the life of a river. 

    We only had one afternoon to think, plan, rehearse, film, delete, refilm, change our minds, film again, and edit... so we may not have gotten every part finished! 

    Hope you enjoy! 










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  • Exploring the Arts Award

    Published 29/04/19, by Elizabeth Bulley
    Over the past year, 13 of our Year 5 children have been working towards achieving an Explore Arts Award. They have engaged in a number of activities including designing a book front cover, watching the Royal Ballet perform at the Royal Opera house an
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  • Wandering through the wild Walthamstow Wetlands

    Published 25/04/19, by Adam Donalson

    We wandered through the wilderness of the Walthamstow Wetlands with wonder at the waterbirds waddling under weeping willows. 

    Our clever cartographers carefully crafted a curious creation for carving clear paths.

    They then had to heave and haul to hand-craft a hidey hole for hibernating hosts like hedgehogs. 

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  • Year Five Computing

    Published 29/03/19, by Nedal Al-Chamaa

    In Year Five we've been coding our own computer games. We've had to create complex algorithms to program our sprites and backdrops. We've recorded videos of a few of our games below. 






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  • Debate Mate round 2

    Published 15/03/19, by Adam Donalson

    Debate Mate Urban Debate League: round 2 

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  • Year 5 were artists for a day

    Published 07/03/19, by Adam Donalson

    This week, year 5 visited the Royal Academy of Arts in Central London to meet some artists and have a go themselves. 

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  • Fishing for Plastic!

    Published 15/02/19, by Helen Fitzpatrick

    Did you know that in London alone, 300 tonnes of rubbish is cleared from the Thames each year? 

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  • year 5 feeling 'chicky'

    Published 06/02/19, by Adam Donalson

    Cautious kids in class care for cute critters who create chaos. 

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  • Stop animation in Year 5

    Published 04/02/19, by Claire Drucquer
    For Art Week this term Year 5 have used some brand new software! ZU3D is a stop animation program that allows you to create an animation. Before we created our own films, we learnt lots of key skills including how to make characters move (you have to
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  • Chicks in year 5

    Published 31/01/19, by Adam Donalson
    Year 5 welcome the chicks to London fields today. We’ve hatched 20 chicks from eggs and will be watching them grow and caring for them over the first 10 days of their lives as part of our science project. We can't wait to see how much they
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