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  • Year 4 Geography

    Published 03/05/19, by Stephanie Daley

    What is inside a volcano?

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  • Making nightlights in Y4

    Published 18/03/19, by Nedal Al-Chamaa

    Y4 enjoyed making nightlights during DT week. After practising making electrical circuits, we found out that parallel circuits make two bulbs shine the brightest.  

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  • Apollo Music

    Published 14/03/19, by Elizabeth Bulley

    Year 4 work with professional musicians! 

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  • Seeing double in Art Week!

    Published 01/02/19, by Elizabeth Bulley

    During Art Week, Y4 have been manipulating photographs. 

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  • Year Four Coding!

    Published 29/01/19, by Helen Fitzpatrick

    In Year Four, we've been learning to code!

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  • Year Four are getting excited about Sustainability Week!

    Published 06/12/18, by Nedal Al-Chamaa

    Some members of Kane-Mason Class have been preparing themselves for next week's water sustainability project.  Have a look at their video to see what they've discovered. 




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  • Y4 have loved learning about the Romans in Britain

    Published 18/10/18, by Stephanie Daley

    We have been learning about the reasons the Romans came and how they have impacted British society. 

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  • Swan Lake!

    Published 06/06/18, by Elizabeth Bulley

    Year 4 went to The Royal Opera House to watch Swan Lake!

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  • How mountains are made

    Published 16/05/18, by Stephanie Daley

    Year 4 have been learning lots about physical geography and used layers of towels to see how mountains are formed and why they are all different.  

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  • On Guard!

    Published 08/05/18, by Elizabeth Bulley

    Year 4 take fencing lessons! 

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  • Year 4 begin their Arts Award journey

    Published 01/05/18, by Elizabeth Bulley

    Year 4 get creative!

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  • Welcome Ms Chen and Ms Celia!

    Published 06/11/17, by M Lawson

    Today we welcomed 2 teachers as part of the England-Shanghai Maths Exchange programme.

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