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  • Year 4 help break a Cricket World Record!

    Published 11/07/19, by Elizabeth Bulley
    It was a remarkable day on Monday 8th July 2019 as Year 4 helped Capital Kids Cricket set new word records at Hackney Marshes. The record attempts were the feature event of the CKC World Cricket Festival, taking place the day before the ICC Men&
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  • Year 4 Geography

    Published 03/05/19, by Stephanie Daley

    What is inside a volcano?

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  • Making nightlights in Y4

    Published 18/03/19, by Nedal Al-Chamaa

    Y4 enjoyed making nightlights during DT week. After practising making electrical circuits, we found out that parallel circuits make two bulbs shine the brightest.  

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  • Apollo Music

    Published 14/03/19, by Elizabeth Bulley

    Year 4 work with professional musicians! 

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  • Seeing double in Art Week!

    Published 01/02/19, by Elizabeth Bulley

    During Art Week, Y4 have been manipulating photographs. 

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  • Year Four Coding!

    Published 29/01/19, by Helen Fitzpatrick

    In Year Four, we've been learning to code!

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  • Year Four are getting excited about Sustainability Week!

    Published 06/12/18, by Nedal Al-Chamaa

    Some members of Kane-Mason Class have been preparing themselves for next week's water sustainability project.  Have a look at their video to see what they've discovered. 




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  • Y4 have loved learning about the Romans in Britain

    Published 18/10/18, by Stephanie Daley

    We have been learning about the reasons the Romans came and how they have impacted British society. 

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  • Swan Lake!

    Published 06/06/18, by Elizabeth Bulley

    Year 4 went to The Royal Opera House to watch Swan Lake!

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  • How mountains are made

    Published 16/05/18, by Stephanie Daley

    Year 4 have been learning lots about physical geography and used layers of towels to see how mountains are formed and why they are all different.  

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  • On Guard!

    Published 08/05/18, by Elizabeth Bulley

    Year 4 take fencing lessons! 

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  • Year 4 begin their Arts Award journey

    Published 01/05/18, by Elizabeth Bulley

    Year 4 get creative!

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