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  • Poetry in Year 3

    Published 05/07/18, by Claire Drucquer

    Year 3 have been blowing us away with their amazing poetry!

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  • Personal Best Final

    Published 28/06/18, by Claire Drucquer

    This week, 24 students in year 3 were chosen to attend the Hackney Personal Best final! Personal Best is a great way to track the progress you have been making in your fitness. Back in September we took part in 8 physical activities and then repeated them again in June. It was amazing to see just how much fitter we'd become! At the finals, we had a chance to compete against schools from across the borough. Although we were taking part as individuals, we still worked as a team to encourage and support each other. 

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  • Pizza making in Year 3

    Published 22/06/18, by Claire Drucquer
    As part of our Work Week, year 3 have been learning how to design, create and market pizzas. We have used recipe books and restaurant menus to find out what makes a great pizza and we even went to Franco Manca to get a live demonstration and taste of
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  • Jemison's Anansi Stories...

    Published 18/06/18, by Helen Fitzpatrick

    Check out our Anansi animations!

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  • Year Three Animations

    Published 07/06/18, by Helen Fitzpatrick

    Year Three has been using Purple Mash to create animated scenes this week. 

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  • RE week at London fileds

    Published 17/05/18, by Nedal Al-Chamaa

    Year 3 had a visitor from the Muslim community during RE week! A primary school teacher from the Olive school (Hackney) visited both classes who had prepared some questions regarding the five pillars of Islam.

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  • Geography fieldwork

    Published 16/05/18, by Stephanie Daley

    Year 3 went to the new Walthamstow Wetlands this week to develop our fieldwork skills. 

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  • Year 3 discover Probots!

    Published 26/02/18, by Claire Drucquer
    In our Computing lessons we have been using probots! A probot is a car you can program to follow a set of instructions. So far, we've learnt how to make it go forwards and backwards, turn and pause. It's really useful for seeing coding in act
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  • An exciting visit from Surface Matter

    Published 19/12/17, by Claire Drucquer

    Surface Matter visit Year 3!

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  • Think Green this Christmas

    Published 18/12/17, by Nedal Al-Chamaa

    Over the Christmas period the UK produces a lot more waste than usual. Five extra rubbish bags per family to be exact!

    Eco-Protectors want to encourage everyone to ‘THINK GREEN’ over the holidays and reduce, reuse and recycle wherever you can. 

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  • Eco-Protectors have been busy in our park!

    Published 12/12/17, by Claire Drucquer

    Please enter an introduction for your blog post here.

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  • Autumn Performances

    Published 05/12/17, by Victoria Tojeiro Gonzalez
    The festive season is truly underway, and at London Fields our musicians and singers have been hard at work preparing for our first concerts and performances of the year. Our ukulele and guitar players treated us to two assemblies last week, and o
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