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  • Portrait Posing

    Published 26/03/19, by M Lawson

    Year 2 had a wonderful time at the National Portrait Gallery this week.

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  • Year 2's Fruit Snack Stall!

    Published 07/03/19, by Emma Walker

    Year 2 have been designing, making and evaluating fruit snacks as part of their DT week.

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  • P4C in Year 2

    Published 14/02/19, by Jean McGarry

    We listened to the story of Tiddalick the frog and began to think of ways we could make Tiddalick the frog change his mind (he wouldn't share the water with all the other animals). Ask a child in Year 2 to tell you the story. What would you suggest?

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  • Emailing in Year Two

    Published 11/02/19, by Helen Fitzpatrick

    In Year Two, we've begun to learn how to send and receive emails. We've learned what an inbox is and how to use an address book. We even know how to send attachments.   

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  • Year 2 getting abstract!

    Published 05/02/19, by Alexandra Bentley

    Year 2 with the abstract portraits they created during Art Week. We used digital cameras to carefully take our portrait photographs before rearranging the pieces to make our very own abstract pieces.

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  • Afternoon Tea Party in Year 2

    Published 25/01/19, by Emma Walker

    To celebrate our History topic 'Changes in Living Memory', Year 2 hosted a tea party.

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  • Year 2 go shopping in the 1940s

    Published 10/01/19, by Emma Walker

    As part of our History topic 'Changes in Living Memory', year 2 got the chance to experience shopping in the 1940s. We even had to queue to collect our ration books before visiting the different shops to buy our goods!

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  • Uh-oh! Year 2 toys have caught the plague!

    Published 04/10/18, by Emma Walker

    Year 2 have made a fantastic start to the year in their Creative Writing lessons. They were inspired by their History lessons and gave their poor toys the plague. 

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  • Year 2 History Topic

    Published 04/10/18, by Stephanie Daley

    This term Year 2 have loved learning all about the plague and the Great Fire of London.

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  • Year 2 Explore Urban Habitats

    Published 27/09/18, by M Lawson

    Year 2 have visited the Waterworks Nature Reserve!

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  • Ilori Class and our chairs!

    Published 11/09/18, by Alexandra Bentley

    Meet Ilori Class! Here we are with the chairs that we designed and made in the style of Yinka Ilori. 

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  • Yr 2 run a mile at the Olympic Park!

    Published 04/07/18, by Alexandra Bentley

    Year 2 were lucky enough to be invited to the Olympic Velodrome to run a mile around it!

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