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  • Snowy fun in the forest!

    Published 01/02/19, by Gillian Costello

    A snow day for Forest School!

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  • Statues, robots and snowmen.

    Published 18/12/18, by Francoise Martin

    Foundation stage were busy yesterday building statues, robots and snowmen out of the big construction. We used the materials available to create the effect we wanted. We had to be careful and test how to the balance the bricks. Here's what we made! 

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  • EYFS goes to see the Gruffalo!

    Published 14/12/18, by Francoise Martin

    EYFS loved going to see the Gruffalo at Stratford Circus. 

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  • Winter story time for EYFS

    Published 14/12/18, by Francoise Martin

    Reception and Nursery were completed captivated by our story teller Paul and his winter stories this week. 

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  • Omelette Eggstravaganza

    Published 29/11/18, by Francoise Martin

    This week the children in EYFS have been putting in to practice some of the cooking skills they have been learning this term. We have been making veggie omelettes adding bell peppers and spinach to our whisked egg. The children chopped their peppers, tore the spinach leave with their hands and cracked and whisked the eggs. We made predictions about how the eggs and vegetables would change when we cooked them. The omelettes made for some very tasty snacks during the day! 

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  • Spooky goings-on in EYFS

    Published 31/10/18, by Gillian Costello
    EYFS looked a little different today -  the classrooms, playground and garden, which are usually full of children seemed to have been frequented by lots of witches, vampires, skeletons and other spooky looking creatures
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  • Storytelling in EYFS

    Published 19/10/18, by Gillian Costello
    EYFS was visited by Storyteller Paul Rubenstein this afternoon, who brought to life three stories  - Monkey Puzzles, Frog Sisters (Russian tale) and the Barking Mouse (Cuban tale), much to everyone's amusement.
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  • Raposa visits Reception!

    Published 19/10/18, by Gillian Costello
    Reception children were very excited when they found out Raposa was coming to say say 'Hi' to them this morning. Raposa really enjoyed being gentle stroked by the children too. 
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  • Fantastic Fruit

    Published 12/10/18, by Francoise Martin

    Foundation stage have been learning how to make a delicious fruit salad this week. 

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  • Jam sandwiches all round!

    Published 03/10/18, by Francoise Martin
    Foundation stage have been getting stuck into making jam sandwiches this week! We have been learning how to spread, cut and fold to make the perfect sticky jam sandwich. We enjoyed eating our creations and thought carefully about how to describe our
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  • Collage

    Published 24/09/18, by Francoise Martin


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  • EYFS

    Published 18/09/18, by Francoise Martin
    It has been a great start to the year for all our children and families in EYFS. We have been  focusing on developing the children's independence in and understanding of our daily routines. They are already developing confiden
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